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Manor Hill Is Complete! Come Visit Us Today

Firstly, we’d like to say thank you to everyone’s involvement in getting Manor Hill off the ground. It’s been a huge project, one of the biggest undertaken in the area and we are so pleased that we have been able to get through it.

Now for a big announcement…

Manor Hill is now open to the public!

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived!

Manor Hill opened last month and has already seen 5000 guests during that time. If you attended the opening ceremony, you’ll know that the total cost of the project came in at just under a million dollars. This was significantly less than was forecast and we are sure that was due to all the contribution by the public. It’s amazing to see what people can do when a community gets together to better itself. Now, we can all enjoy the facilities Manor Hill offers.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find…

A youth center

At Manor Hill, we had a vision to ensure that people of all ages felt included, including the group that is often left out – teenagers. This is why we have designed a youth center, complete with the best air hockey table we could find from air hockey table reviews, this is a space for the youth of our community to play, develop ideas and share their achievements with their peers in a safe and comfortable space all to themselves!

An onsite cafe

Manor Hill will eventually house 3 onsite cafes. Right now, there is just one – Romba Roast. Come and smell the aroma of fresh coffee beans and steamed milk from the cafe at the summit. The cafe is open daily from 10am to 3pm, and Kristen and Lulu will happily take your order and make you the best coffee you have ever had.

A children’s play area

We were not going to include a play area due to space limitations, but due to an overwhelming demand from the public and a rethink of the design, we finally agreed that this was the best thing to do. There is now a decent size play area for children from the ages of 3 to 12 located on the east side of Manor Hill. The park is open all day and free to enter.

Adult supervision is required at all times.

A running track

One of the most anticipated developments at Manor Hill was the running track – a 5km track that spans the development. It’s now complete! There’s also timers available free of charge so that you can test the time it takes you to run/walk/jog around the entire track.

We can’t wait for you to visit and share in the excitement that is now Manor Hill!


Manor Hill is Nearly Complete – Update

You’ve been asking us for a while about how the progress of Manor Hill is going. It’s been a challenge gathering together resources in a community with limited funding from the government. Joan, the project manager, said yesterday that after being at a standstill for so long, progress is well underway and will set to be finished in August. She thanked everyone for their patience and assistance.

There is still several bits left to make the building complete. There is still several jobs left to complete to ensure the project is successfully completed on time. Joan has requested us to post the following on our website to help meet strict deadlines.

Seeking anyone with an electric chainsaw

We are looking for electric chainsaws ONLY – be aware Manor Hill has been a project of environmentalism. The community is actively doing it’s best the preserve the surrounding area and to create a safe and environmentally friendly spot. The team has been following the latest Green Tips and we hope that all future projects will involve this level of protection.

Stay out of Mayson’s Pond

For an disclosed amount of time, Mayson’s Pond will remain closed. Local authorities have claimed that the water is unsafe due to torrential downpour in the area and it will not risk the safety of the community by advising swimming. If you are looking for a spot to swim this summer to escape the heat, nearby Surrey Hill Reserve is another option. Be mindful that due to the shifting weather patterns, other reserves may close without warning. Also bring plenty of fresh water with you. Authorities have already responded to 22 cases of heat stroke this summer.

Join us for a final fundraiser

We will have one last fundraiser to secure funding for the final touches of Manor Hill. There will be raffle tickets and a rap off by local children. Entry will be $5 paid prior to entering the office (cash only) and the raffle tickles will cost $1 each of 10 for $5. Please join us!

An update on the transformation of Manor Hill

It has been a tough month for our workers at Manor Hill, transforming the course to become one of the communities best golf courses in the area. Our team have been doing endless amounts of research and I am sure they will agree with me when I say this has not been an easy feat. The team have been researching what makes the most popular golf courses around the world so great, and have taken specific inspiration from Cypress Point Club.

Some of their research has included just how many holes to offer players. Although this seems like an easy task it has involved extensive surveying of the area and a balancing of the amount of holes the land can offer without taking away the land that is required to play. Workers have also had to decide on important decisions such as where to place sand dunes, various types of hazards and other obstacles on the course. The amount of research required for such judgements is rather extensive and I congratulate the team on their work and findings.

There has been even more research going on too, ensuring we have the most advanced golf course, with the team researching sites so that the community will have the best golf rangefinder and the most advanced technology that is currently offered. As most will know, members will have free use of rangefinders at the course and so will not require their own. The team has decided that the Bushnell Pro X7 is the best golf rangefinder for our course, and have ordered it in bulk.

There is plenty more to be done, and we are thankful for the communities patience and involvement in this process. We will provide another update in a few months to keep the community informed of how things are going. If you can, feel free the pay a visit and check out the work that has already been completed.