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Community Events for Christmas 2016 – Update

After the success of Thanksgiving events, the Christmas events for 2016 has changed. We will be running two workshops, one on Linux and one for those hoping to improve their skills on computers. These workshops will be run on the 19th and 20th respectively. We have all our main businesses attending the function to give a talk on what their businesses do and to offer on going support for those that need it. These guys are experts in their field so this is the perfect opportunity for anyone that wants to discuss what they do and what they are planning for in the future.

The first event will start with a talk by Greg Norman and who will provide a background on what he has been doing for the last year in relation to Linux. If you are unfamiliar with Linux, check out their website here. Because talks like this fill up fast, register your interest now on the contact page to ensure you get a seat. This will be followed by a light lunch, where you can feel free to discuss with Greg any queries you may have.

The second event we will be holding will be a workshop on how to fix speed up your computer. We have had countless people from the community request a workshop like this, and although for some it may be an easy fix, there are those among us that are older (and wiser) and need this advice. Please note that the workshop will focus only on Microsoft computers, Vista and older, so we apologize to anyone with a Mac. There is no need to register your interest, but feel free to do so.

That is it for 2016. We hope you have had a wonderful year and can’t wait to start the New Year. We have plenty of things planned for 2017, including further updates on Manor Hill and other community initiatives that we have been working on. Thank you for all your support this year, and I wish you all the very best.